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ConnectingTheDots does not just stand for what we do, it is also a name that contains who we are.

ConnectingTheDots implies connection. Well, that’s what we do, right. But for us it goes beyond that. We have a collective fascination – call it an obsession – for software and developing software systems. Our breadth of knowledge and experience allow us to offer the right solution for many issues in product information management and e-commerce. However, having a great system isn’t all you need. A solution must also work, both internally and externally.

That’s what we believe in!

We believe that great product content helps companies grow. Certainly, unique product content ensures that products get found more often, clients get the right product information and are drawn to make purchases. However, the creation of great product content is human work and can only come about through tranquility and control. So we don’t just facilitate the connection, we interpret it too. For each new project we investigate and analyse what needs to be interconnected on both a technical and a human level. ConnectingTheDots first brings order from chaos, connects and stays close at hand. Once we connect, we stay connected.


Supplying a one-size-fits-all system and wishing the customer good luck is not the way we do things. We find out which configuration a company needs, and implement it using standard software. It is the core of the way we think and operate. In the end we have a solution for almost every issue, however complex, in product information management and e-commerce. A solution to provide our customers with control and tranquility. And from this tranquility can come growth. Great product content. Enrichment. Development. Conversion. Improvement. This inspires us anew every day.

ConnectingTheDots® - The transition

ConnectingTheDots is the new name for ID interactive. Clear profiling on Product Information Management and eCommerce software thanks to great product content.

With the opening of their new premises and the unveiling of the new brand, ConnectingTheDots will from now on be the continuation of the decade-old ID interactive. The ConnectingTheDots brand is a better fit for the company’s current objectives and is perfect for its new positioning. The ambition of ConnectingTheDots is to be able to offer the appropriate solution to brand owners, wholesale and retail in the areas of both product information management and e-commerce. The opening celebrations and ‘rebranding’ as ConnectingTheDots were conducted by René de Heer of the municipality of Zwolle whose responsibilities includes finance.

The ‘rebranding’ of ID interactive to ConnectingTheDots fits perfectly with the company’s experiences over recent years, its innovative power and its ambitions. “The opening of our new office is a milestone in our existence. We have taken this as an opportunity to introduce a more suitable name for the company! ConnectingTheDots does not just stand for what we do, it is also a name which conveys who we are”, says Arnout Schutte, managing director of ConnectingTheDots. “It implies connection. But for us it goes beyond just data. We have a collective fascination – call it an obsession – for software and developing software systems. Our breadth of knowledge and experience allow us to offer the right solution for many issues in product information management and e-commerce.”

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Technical people with a penchant for developing product content (the best, of course), are on the rare side. Nonetheless, at ConnectingTheDots we have found a fair number and linked them with each other. There’s nothing we like more than making connections. Between figures, systems and sources, but also between people. Are you a “connector” with technical knowledge who everybody turns to? Then we’d be happy to connect with you.

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PIM for Van Wijhe Verf

Koninklijke Van Wijhe paint brings colour to your life. It is a Dutch manufacturer of quality paint which is used in the Netherlands and far beyond. For consumers Van Wijhe Verf offers the Wijzonol brand, with the Ralston brand for the trade market.

Van Wijhe Verf uses the PIM environment to manage product content for both brands. Product marketers work in PIM to enrich the product content for use on the website, price lists and on- and off-line marketing materials, in different languages for different markets. From PIM marketers are also able to generate factsheets in PDF format, for example for use in shops, at events or on line.

By using PIM Van Wijhe Verf has an efficient way of supplementing its product content from a central source with marketing information, labelling information and images. This makes a significant contribution to shortening the time to market of NEW PRODUCTS and the optimising product presentation.

PIMeCommerce and kleertjes.com

Everything that babies, children, mothers and mothers-to-be need in cool designer clothing and shoes can be found at kleertjes.com. It is the largest web store in the Netherlands in this area. The extensive assortment and high visitor numbers call for high performance. Even at peak traffic. kleertjes.com and ConnectingTheDots have been working together successfully for a couple of years.

The heart of the kleertjes.com web store is formed by the PIM section. Raw product data from ERP (ACA’s Retailium based on Microsoft Navision) is read into PIM where it is efficiently enriched including added product features, appealing product descriptions and images.

kleertjes.com customers can easily navigate through the assortment or search it using faceted search and sorting. And of course kleertjes.com is implemented responsively, for a perfect display for phone, tablet and PC. With the rule: phone first.

We work for:

  • KPN
  • Kleertjes.com
  • Accell Group
  • Welkoop
  • Van Wijhe
  • Sound United

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