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CTD PIM is specifically designed for organizations looking for an efficient solution to manage commercial product content. This all in one cloud based product management system, accessible to all teams within the organization (rights & roles managed). 
CTD PIM allows for efficient product content onboarding, editing, creation, optimization, translation and syndication to all your sales channels and systems.

CTD PIM, the 6 reasons why

1. Flexible system of record

CTD PIM allows for flexible system of record configuration. This enables the use of industry standards or a company-specific setup for managing product content in CTD PIM. 

2. Update Products in Bulk

Bulk editing of product content? CTD PIM comes "out of the box" with a mass update function that allows you to modify a selection of products in one action. 

3. Import en Export

Product content onboarding made easy with CTD PIM. For importing product content in bulk, the PIM API is available. Additionally, product content can be uploaded via CSV import.
Product content syndication via PIM is possible via the PIM API, webhooks or CSV export. 

4. Enable your team members

Isn't it much easier to manage all your product information, including specifications, photos, descriptions, etc., all in one cloud based product management solution? And in addition, also being able to edit, update, enrich, or translate product content with multiple team members or even with separate teams?

5. Think Big, Start Small

CTD PIM is a cloud based, modular product management solution. Additional apps can be added to CTD PIM.  It means CTD PIM can grow with your ambitions. Now and in the future. 

6. Product Reporting

Product completeness scores in CTD PIM provide immediate insight into where product content optimization is necessary. Providing insights and overviews, thus making it easy to work on product content that requires attention first.


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Product content done with a smile ;-)

It was - and still is - the guiding principle in designing CTD PIM. Through our years of experience with CTD PIM Enterprise clients, we've learned that working on product content is easier and more enjoyable when the CTD PIM tool is intuitive, helps you work efficiently, and has all the features you need for efficient product management. 
This design principle  significantly reduces the learning curve, ensures that employees actually make the transition from spreadsheets to PIM, and most importantly: It simply allows product specialists to manage /  produce / edit  more product content in less time!

Customizable spreadsheet editing in CTD PIM

Managing product content in CTD PIM, how exactly does that work? In CTD PIM, you can search or select products by navigating the product groups (classification) that are managed in PIM. Any selection of products is displayed on the PIM canvas in a "spreadsheet like" template consisting of a range of columns. In the PIM template, the required selection of columns can be freely defined by each PIM user. Also, the CTD PIM template allows for direct editing of product content! Thereby reducing the need to work with spreadsheets significantly! 


Manage all product content in the cloud

CTD PIM is a cloud managed (AWS) solution for managing commercial product content. 
It allows high scalability combined with high availability.  It allows managing from a few hundred products up to many hundreds of thousands of products in the cloud. CTD PIM helps to grow your business!     

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