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We regularly share our vision and opinion on the current issues about product information management (PIM) and e-commerce. In this way, we try to make our knowledge, that we have collected over the years, available to everyone who is involved in product information and e-commerce. So keep an close eye on the ConnectingTheDots blogs!

Max Schrevelius

PIM, AI and Machine Learning, some opportunities

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, or AI, topics that are booming right now. Can you also do something with AI and Machine Learning in the area of product management? And if so, how can you make it work for…

Max Schrevelius

Why use a PIM system?

At ConnectingTheDots we are still often asked “Does our organisation need a PIM system?” or “What can I use a PIM system for?”. To answer this question we start by explaining what a PIM system actually is.

Max Schrevelius

Product information Management for retail and wholesale

Retailers and wholesalers often have to deal with many different suppliers. These suppliers all provide price lists or product sheets in their own way. To complicate things even further, the frequency of deliveries…

Max Schrevelius

Step-by-step: How do you organise product content creation for a larger product range?

Good product information is built up from different kinds of data, such as descriptions, USPs, images and product attributes. In the case of larger product ranges, it’s a lot of work to provide all the products with…


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