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ConnectingTheDots® - The transition

ConnectingTheDots is the new name for ID interactive. Clear profiling on Product Information Management and eCommerce software thanks to great product content.

With the opening of their new premises and the unveiling of the new brand, ConnectingTheDots will from now on be the continuation of the decade-old ID interactive. The ConnectingTheDots brand is a better fit for the company’s current objectives and is perfect for its new positioning. The ambition of ConnectingTheDots is to be able to offer the appropriate solution to brand owners, wholesale and retail in the areas of both product information management and e-commerce. The opening celebrations and ‘rebranding’ as ConnectingTheDots were conducted by René de Heer of the municipality of Zwolle whose responsibilities includes finance.

The ‘rebranding’ of ID interactive to ConnectingTheDots fits perfectly with the company’s experiences over recent years, its innovative power and its ambitions. “The opening of our new office is a milestone in our existence. We have taken this as an opportunity to introduce a more suitable name for the company! ConnectingTheDots does not just stand for what we do, it is also a name which conveys who we are”, says Arnout Schutte, managing director of ConnectingTheDots. “It implies connection. But for us it goes beyond just data. We have a collective fascination – call it an obsession – for software and developing software systems. Our breadth of knowledge and experience allow us to offer the right solution for many issues in product information management and e-commerce.”

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  • Accell Group
  • Welkoop
  • Van Wijhe Verf
  • Sound United
September 10, 2019 - Max Schrevelius

Why use a PIM system?

At ConnectingTheDots we are still often asked “Does our organisation need a PIM system?” or “What can I use a PIM system for?”. To answer this question we start by explaining what a PIM system actually is.


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