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ConnectingTheDots PIM is available in two variants: CTD PIM and CTD PIM Enterprise. CTD PIM is aimed at organizations that are looking for efficient product management for commercial product content, such as product images, descriptions, specifications, USPs, reviews, and so oN.

In case you‘re facing more challenging product management issues, CTD PIM Enterprise comes into play. CTD PIM Enterprise combines the power of commercial product management with various possibilities for managing product master data. This allows, for example, lifecycle management, price management, longtail management, product management for multiple formulas etc. all in one complete product management solution.


Designed for efficiënt commercial product management.

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CTD PIM Enterprise

CTD PIM Enterprise is engineered to master challenging product management scenarios

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CTD PIM Expert

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Product Master Data Management

In addition to product management for commercial product information, your challenge may also lie in the area of product master data (P)MDM. Think of price management, lifecycle management, longtail management, and so on. In that case, CTD PIM in the Enterprise edition offers many interesting possibilities. Read more about the CTD PIM Enterprise (P)MDM capabilities.

Why PIM?

Product content plays a very important role in the customer purchasing process. In the digital world, such as through the internet or social media, more and more competitors are now competing with each other to attract customer attention with the aim to win the sale. This both in business to consumer and business to business.
In order to reach consumers and motivate them to make a purchase, basic product information, such as an image and product description is simply no longer sufficient.

According to our philosophy, product management starts with control. A PIM solution should provide a firm grip on product information itself and the product process involved. By using a PIM solution, organizations can ingest, classify, normalize, improve, optimize, and syndicate product content. Order out of chaos, so to say, while reducing time to market. This provides the confidence to product teams to concentrate on the creation of truly great product content that can make the difference in the fight for the customer.  

After gaining control over product information process with a PIM solution and improving your product information, the opportunity arises to work on Great Product Content according to a product content strategy. 

That is, optimizing product content for specific goals. Such as product content optimization for online traffic generation, traffic building to physical stores, margin optimization, stimulating extra order lines, the personalization of product content or inspiring new target audiences. Additionally, it can lead to a reduction in returns.

In short, with our CTD PIM solutions and knowledge, we guide organizations and clients with challenging product management issues towards Great Product Content and thus towards growth. “Great Product Content helps to grow your business, go CTD PIM!”

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