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Design philosophy

CTD PIM Enterprise is designed to handle the more challenging product management situations. Such as management of complex product structures, management of product content sourced from multiple vendors in various unstructured formats, management of large product portfolios, managing multiple formulas, price management, long-tail management, supplier management or product lifecycle management.
All this of course, in combination with commercial product management.

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CTD PIM Enterprise - the answer to more challenging product management scenarios

Key to these capabilities is the availability of various product master data management (P)MDM) functions in CTD PIM Enterprise.

This enables, for example, obtaining product information from multiple suppliers, automatically generating (customer-specific) pricing based on price formulas, managing longtail portfolios, or working with product life cycles. 

In addition, CTD PIM Enterprise allows for a high degree of configuration, specifically designed to handle challenging product management situations. And all this combined with a very complete set of features for commercial product management. 

Also, CTD PIM Enterprise is a modular product management solution. Choose the functions necessary to solve your specific product management situation. 

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CTD PIM Enterprise, the 6 reasons why

1. Designed for challenging product management scenarios

Combine smart (P)MDM functions with commercial product management to tackle the more challenging product management situations!

2. Longtail product management

CTD PIM Enterprise allows for managing long-tail product portfolios originating from multiple vendors. This includes the ability to use different pricing strategies for automatic sales price calculation.

3. Multi-formula management capabilities

CTD PIM Enterprise offers the ability to manage product portfolios of multiple formulas in one central PIM system, this with the option to manage complete product portfolios by formula. Product content sharing across multiple formulas is possible, in combination with a silver record setup (unique content per formula for the same product).

4. Any product

Any product, any industry: our product management solution is suitable for managing products, parts, assembled products (bill of materials), and accessories. Regardless of the industry. Both data formats and classifications according to industry standards and customer-specific data formats are supported.

5. Flexible product process

CTD PIM Enterprise offers an essential scalable product workflow. This Product Information Flow allows multiple teams to work together on product management, product enrichment and product syndication at scale.    

6. Scalable

PIM provides the ability to expand the managed product portfolio in PIM without limitation, unlock new sources, add new language sets / regions or add additional sales channels / markets to CTD PIM Enterprise.

Move all product content to the cloud with CTD PIM Enterprise

CTD PIM Enterprise is a cloud managed (AWS) solution for managing all sorts of product content. This enables high scalability combined with high availability. Allowing millions of products, including all their assets (CDN), to be managed in the cloud via CTD PIM Enterprise.     


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