PIMeCommerce – how we see it

We write the name for our two services, PIM and eCommerce, as a single word. And that is not chance or a typo. It is deliberate, because in our experience these two services need each other in order to achieve growth in your online results.

Why? Because good product content is a precondition for successful e-commerce. And for good product content which increases conversions, you need PIM.

An example. Say you have web store, running well with 10,000 products. You have the ambition to grow to 100,000 products, but organising it is a problem. For that you don’t just need a powerful e-commerce solution, but also a PIM solution as a basis for product management.

ConnectingTheDots believes in the power of the combination: PIMeCommerce. Connecting the dots, once again. Of course, product content tailored to your target group ensures that your products will be found, customers will choose the right product and and leads to more purchases, more often.

PIMeCommerce – why ours?

PIM as a driver for e-commerce: it seems logical enough, but we stand apart from other providers because of our approach.

Often these solutions are offered separately, to stay with the metaphor: keeping the table and the bed apart. Two systems which work independently of each other: it is less efficient, unnecessarily complex and, above all, confusing. Put them together and the path to growth lies open before you. We believe in it. And it works.

It is not for nothing that we are the right choice for clients with high-end web stores, and our solutions have picked up multiple prizes along the way. In 2017 Kleertjes.com won a Shopping Award XL in the fashion category, for example.

The combination of your great product content and the ConnectingTheDots PIMeCommerce solution guarantees your success. Customers like Azerty, Sound United, kleertjes.com, Jan Linders Supermarkten and Welkoop have already experienced this.

PIMeCommerce – who is it for?

PIMeCommerce is suitable for both B2B and B2C.


PIMeCommerce is an e-commerce solution including PIM, intended for high traffic web stores. Using a management environment that incorporates PIM, multiple web stores can be operated. And an important aspect for companies with international ambitions: PIMeCommerce can be set up as multilingual.


PIMeCommerce in a B2B setup offers the option to configure customer-specific assortments, in combination with customer-specific pricing. Here again a management environment that incorporates PIM, multiple B2B web stores can be implemented.

PIMeCommerce main features

Based on PIM.

Without PIM there is no e-commerce. A management environment for web store management including PIM.


The web store can sell a stock assortment and/or combine it with a long tail assortment.

Price management and promotion rules.

Price management can be performed in the management environment.

Marketing options.

Combine marketing content with the product offer, for example to create theme pages, landing pages or brand pages.


Of course a web store implementation needs to be responsive.


Option of linking in ERP, WMS and CRM systems.

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