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ConnectingTheDots does not just stand for what we do, it is also a name that contains who we are.

ConnectingTheDots implies connection. Well, that’s what we do, right. But for us it goes beyond that. We have a collective fascination for product management (PIM) and -commerce. 
Our PIM solutions, combined with our years of experience (more than 15 years) in retail, e-commerce and product management, enable our clients to grow their business through sophisticated product management strategies.  

Product management is our core business!

And for the following reason. We believe that good product content helps businesses grow.  Unique product content ensures that products are found more often, customers get the right product information and are attracted to making purchases. 
Product management is our core business. At ConnectingTheDots, multiple teams are working each and every day on product management cases. In retail, wholesale, internationalization, e-commerce, longtail and so on. And we've been doing just that for more than 15 years. 
So at ConnectingTheDots we are not only trying to connect. We will always be willing to share our product management knowledge with clients, their partners and other professionals, for example through the knowledge platform ShoppingTommorow. ConnectingTheDots. Once connected, we stay connected.



Technical people with a penchant for developing product content (the best, of course), are on the rare side. Nonetheless, at ConnectingTheDots we have found a fair number and linked them with each other. There’s nothing we like more than making connections. Between figures, systems and sources, but also between people. Are you a “connector” with technical knowledge who everybody turns to? Then we’d be happy to connect with you.

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